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  • 我的周末英语小学作文

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    I get up at 8:30 in the morning to do breakfast, eat breakfast began to do the job. Doing so forget the time, all of a sudden to the

    1:00 pm. Go to cook, fun ah I put all kinds of food out. Be sure to wash the dish and cut it. In the dish under the pot fried. Cooked immediately fried, but the meal has not been cooked just waiting for the. I have been hungry not, can only eat a la carte. Waiting for a while I cooked a meal at the dinner table so lonely, but a person to eat four dishes is also good.

    To be honest, I did not cook a few times to do it. Remember the grandmother, as long as the grandmother is not at home I went downstairs to open the fried. But then even fried rice will not fry, but I will not give up. I have been practicing for so many years, I have been looking for time to practice. One day I caught a very good chance, immediately went downstairs to buy a lot of ingredients, immediately started. Later, my mother came back to see the big fog, I know I was cooking again. Mom, I immediately explained. What are you burning? "No fried, fried what, ah mother". "Did not fry anything", my mother's tone seems more and more heavy. I did not speak, my mother said or how will it smoke? Just tell the truth, then I'll hit you, finished mother took a stick to hit my mother's stick has been waved up, I am afraid to tell the truth. "Yes, I'm cooking!" My tone is very small. So I did not give up, my cooking has been much better than many years ago, and now my mother is not a tube so I can afford to eat.

    Now my mother boast my cooking delicious, so this is my weekend fun and boring, my weekend is my good lonely happy weekend, right? That's my weekend.


    It is Sunday, the morning to get up, I saw the window just opened the camellia, the heart suddenly a light, ah, spring! To the wall to see the scenery, must be beautiful. So, I find my mother to discuss, but the mother said the afternoon but also on the tutorial, the time is too tight, "that we can bring lunch, eat on the road to eat." I quickly said. My mother saw my expectations of the eyes, and finally agreed.

    We do a good job, to the East Gate. One to the East Gate, far I saw a few tall magnolia trees, blooming very bright. I jumped excitedly to jump to the magnolia tree. A burst of fragrance from the nose, a white greeted into the eyes. Wow! I saw some of the flowers have been all opened, fell to the ground, like the fairies scattered under the broken jade, and some or Hanbaoyufang, like a cute little palm palm relative together, really interesting. I found that magnolia trees have two kinds of flowers, one is all the petals are pure white, there is a petal at the bottom of the purple, like a purple line with a purple dress.

    Go straight along the inner ringway of the city wall, and I see the wildflowers on the side of the wall. Walking on the lawn, you will find how ten little life is tenacious and how lovely you are. I side of the side of the wild flowers, suddenly found some of the stars in the lawn of the "spot" those "spot" when hidden, like a group of grass and a group of elf. I take a closer look, hey! These elf is not "spot", but a blossoming blue flowers! That blue flowers seem simple, but small and exquisite, look carefully, each piece of petals there are thin stripes! There are two flowers in the middle of the flower core, like the wizard's head tentacles. Looking at this unknown flower, my mind immediately emerge the blue wizard these words, hey! Call this flower blue wizard it! I chased all the way with a looming blue wizard, happy jumping jumping.

    what! Spring, giving the feeling of how wonderful it! This weekend I caught the spring in the walls of the breath, I am so happy!


    Saturday, I was drowsy, suddenly remembered today and a small partner agreed to go to ride. So, I swiftly turned up to get up, the first time from the early days

    We went to Phoenix Road to rent a bike. Just let me leave the flowers: the bike here only on television only Yeah! I can not wait to run to the blue one, I saw that bike has three seats, I think: Hey, how this car has three seats? I only sit in the last part of the bar. After the waiter debugging, my mother said: "We go to test it." I urge my mother go, my mother took me, got into the car. My mother has not been riding a bike for a long time, so just launched, not too skilled, about to turn left, about to turn right, scared me in the back wow wow shouting. Especially in the blind, the tires of the bicycle kept trembling, scared me big.

    When I came to the green heart, I was so scared: I could sit in the fairy tale car! And finally to the green heart, I am hard to stepping on the pedal, for fear of being thrown behind someone like, my mother shouted slogans: "one two one, one two one, forward!

    Gradually, I could not support it, and when I got to the sixth slope, I heard the breath of my own. But I clenched my teeth and told myself: it was victory! So, I hold the handle, let the feet more step on the faster, the more the more the bike ride more quickly. At this time, my mother has been sweaty.

    I see "a bowl of water", then runaway wild horse, ran to it. At this point, I have been out of the hustle and bustle of the city, back to the embrace of nature. And then breathe a little air, never felt in the weekdays, or used to see the lights dim, did not have the opportunity to feel, there is a kind of fresh can not tell.

    Go back again. Now back to the city, is already a backstage. what! Let the green road become infinitely far away! If the green heart can not be permanently left, then please hide it in my heart, lingering. Inadvertently, the focus has been at your fingertips, green heart, ILOVEYOU! To the end, breakdown of the face of tired footprints, how much I want to borrow a little breeze to wipe it! Think of it soon to return to the city, this sudden change so that I can not afford a bit ... ...

    I do not know why, once again think of green heart, is all kinds of attachment


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